7 YouTube Channels You’ve Never Heard Of

7 YouTube Channels You’ve Never Heard Of

There is so much content on YouTube, that sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the ether. Here to help you find something interesting to watch, is our list of top YouTube channels that you’ve probably never heard of.

1.    Brothers Green Eats

If you want to watch people eat strange foods, this is the channel for you. Branded with often hilarious commentary, this channel can help broaden your horizons. Who knows, you might just get inspired for your next meal.

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2.    This is Dan Bell

Dan has a rather unique channel. He explores abandoned buildings and cheap motels. He brings a special kind of comedy to the internet in a market that no one else has sought to enter. Be careful though. His videos are not safe for work.

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3.    Steve1989 MREinfo

The name of the channel might be less than interesting, but the videos are pure entertainment. Steve opens food rations from all different eras. From Vietnam era cans to space food, catch a glimpse into how the military eats out in the field.

4.    The Slingshot Channel

Watch Joerg Sprave as he builds any sort of slingshot you can imagine. He then uses his weapons against unsuspecting (inanimate) objects. Perhaps the funniest one is when he launched a missile against a Christmas tree. You really have to see it to believe it.

5.    Cody’s Lab

Cody does every science experiment that your mother told you not to do, including flushing 240lbs of mercury down a toilet. This channel is the epitome of “Don’t try this at home” content. Let Cody do it for you, and watch as he wreaks havoc through science.

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6.    Vintage Space

If you love exploring outer space, this is the channel for you. Vintage space takes a look at all the retro gear astronauts have used in the past. It’s fascinating to see what looks like primitive technology, and knowing that it once was in space.

7.    Primitive Technology

The person in front of the camera never talks, but he does demonstrate how people from ancient times survived in the great outdoors.